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The lack of brand personality

September 14, 2018


The business world has been passing through a profound transformation. With so much focus on sales above anything, brands have been suffering from lack of personality and sustainable growth. Companies have become the hostage of immediate solutions, attracting customers that sometimes are not the targeted ones and getting lost in the crowd.


The way brands used to present products, ideas and services are no longer a rule. Understand personality as a persona, with its values, characteristic, reputation, and tone of voice. People don’t follow brands. They support what brands have to say. That’s the reason we’ve been seen so many personalities launching their label, from Rihanna to Huda Beauty and many other examples I could bring here. They carry the human touch to the storytelling, with an apparent persona and no fear to dare. Their values and reputation are evident and followed by millions of fans who will purchase whatever they launch. Authenticity is the current tone.


As new technology continues to evolve and dictate the way that people interact with brands, it’s important to forecast changes and adjust accordingly. The Internet is quickly showing the differentiation of each persona, an identity that stands out in the crowd. Consumers will follow the experience the brand delivers. That's why it's important to understand that the consumption of brands has changed, with customers being more conscious, savvy, wise and diverse about purchase habits and the impact of large-scale production. Because of that, brands must have the purpose by producing goods and services that improve the lives of consumers and enhance the quality of life. Transparency in the message is fundamental to keep up the interest of the target audience.


Brands need to understand their audience. More than ever, even luxury brands have realized the power of youth generation and are trying to catch their attention. The problem is that few of them are adjusting the tone of voice. Millennials are not interested in where the product is made, the traditions that are so valued by the Generation X. They want to know why the brands do what they do and the transparency of the process. For the best return on investment, understanding the customer target is vital as we can’t put all Millennials into the same box. A 20-year-old person doesn’t have the same aspiration and mindset as someone after 30’s (so-called Xellennials). So when brands put together their message, it’s a must to consider precisely the targeted audience and be aligned and real to them.


Thinking about immediately sales is substantial, but not by any costs. It is critical for companies to define its brand personality accurately, so it resonates with the right consumer target. This definition is fundamental to increase brand equity and establishes the brand's attitude in the marketplace.


If you’re not sure why your business is not taking off, take a careful look if your brand personality is clear, if the target audience is defined and well-known, and if your voice is adequate. In an Era of so many start-ups emerging and succeeding, determining or adapting the identity and tone of voice is the new black.

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