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December 29, 2019


It sounds cliché to stop for a moment at the end of the year to take stock of the past 12 months and project the next year, but with so many schedules, travels and the daily rush it's normal to procrastinate or even avoid thinking if you're treating yourself in the right way. So for many people, including myself, this is the deadline. If you do it for a company why wouldn’t you do it for yourself?


Balancing personal and professional life is not an easy game, and sometimes you need to sacrifice one to develop the other, and sometimes you get upset. However here it’s all about you. Forget the others’ expectations on you for a moment and concentrate on yours. You are your best friend, so talk to you as you'd talk to someone you love. And don’t be hard on yourself.


You may not be used to taking time for yourself, and you may gasp at the thought of meditation but here's something I have found to work well for me and which only takes a few minutes. Find a quiet place, breathe deeply, try to clear your mind and calm your thoughts. After it, reflect if you're content with your life.  You might do what you love, but it’s normal not to love everything you do. And this is life. That’s why it’s important to look in a broader perspective, as an outsider, and evaluate your achievements.


I use the questions below to support me in this evaluation journey, and it might assist you as well:


•  What did I achieve this year?

•  What did I learn?

•  Have I set myself goals? Am I on the right path to achieve them? What is missing?

•  Am I happy with my lifestyle?

• Am I giving time to family and friends? Am I making new friends?

•  Am I taking care of my health?

•  Have I been chasing money or is money chasing me? Where did I invest it?

•  Is it time to take some risks?

•  And last but not least, what does successful mean in my world?


Grab a notebook and write the answers down.  Sometimes our mind is tricky, and the best way is to put all thoughts on a piece of paper to help with capturing and organizing the ideas for later reflection and subsequent measurement.


The questions above are just a simple way to allow you to take a snapshot of your current moment and see how proud you are of yourself. The year could’ve been tough for you, and even though that might be the case, you should be grateful because it’s during difficult times we realize how resilient and strong we are.


Read your paper out loud and start immediately to practice it. Don’t leave it for January or when you have more time. Time is never enough, and you should always prioritize what is important to you: You.


And smile. Seeing the glass half full will make you positively focus on your strengths and realize that you’re not that far from where you wish to be.


Celebrate peopall! Happy 2020!






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